You can make a lot of gold from the faire vendors even after they have been nerfed the respawn rates. I make around 10k profit from previous fairs (spend around 1500g) and with the price of herbs up more than ever and the introduction of Northrend items for sale at the vendors, I plan to make more the next fair. I purchase everything from Fel Lotus for 3g each, motes for 16 s each, and scrolls for a couple silver.

The vendors Professor Thaddeus Paleo and Lhara have random spawn limited quantity items for sale during the fair. It is easiest to ďfarmĒ the faire when it is in your factionsí town since opposing factions cannot visit as easily. Shat also will be easier now since Shat isnít the hot spot for high levels to hang out.

I park a level 1 alt at the fair in TB (I play horde) and he has decent size bags and around 1k gold and just set his hearth to TB. I buy what I see spawn, hearth to mail out to another alt to store in mail, or list on the auction house, and run back.

I know this sounds boring, but I usually do it while watching TV, where you just click 1-2 times an hour and buy out what you want. There is a lot less competition now (compared to 6 months+ ago) since they reduced the spawn rates were reduced.

Donít want to sit there all day? Just have your alt sit there and make it a habit to log on him before you log on your main each day of the fair a couple times. You can get a couple hundred gold for only 2-5 g with only a little bit of work.

With the price of herbs skyrocketing, Mageroyal can fetch up to 50s a piece. You can buy it at the fair for less than 1 s. along with many other herbs/leather/motes/scrolls.

Some tips:
Donít buy the Outland rare gems, they cost 12g now and for most servers they are worth a lot less on the AH cut or uncut.

Scrolls still sell, to save bag space I only buy scrolls level III + and limit how many intellect and spirit ones I buy. Inscriptionists can now make them so the price has dropped a little on them and may not be worth the time for most players. However the level V goes for 1gish each and the protection ones cannot be made by Inscriptionists and sell for a decent amount of gold.

I buy herbs and turn them into glyphs. However you server may differ and the raw materials may be worth more (and actually take less time to sell)

Also visit the child running around Flik! He sells a limited supply pet called Wood Tree Frog. I pay 1g for it and sell it for 200g+. There are also other frogs to buy for 1g that sell for 10g each. I donít list these till the faire is out of town and spam trade they are listed.

He also sells Heavy leather balls. I usually buy some and list them for 10s each (only cost a copper each) and list them singly. I list them like that since there is no listing fee. I tend to not do this anymore since there is so many other ways to make more gold and in less time, but it is an option if you donít have a lot of gold and are low level.

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