Today’s gold making tip is a response to an email I received a couple days ago. Dave has twoquestions, so they will be answered over the next few days. His Second question is:


– Do you buyout linen cloths, silk cloths, mageweave cloths, rune cloths, netherweave cloths, and frostweave cloths for disenchanting purposes? Or do you buy from top profit priority? In other words, do you no longer buy linen cloths and silk cloths to craft low level greens to disenchant since you make more profit from disenchanting netherweave and frostweave cloth-crafted greens? Or do you still buyout every cloth except wool to make these items to disenchant? And the same questions applies to the different leathers.

I usually buy a good variety of cloth. I still buy linen cloth, but let it pile up till a day I am bored. With linen cloth on my server going for 5-6g a stack, its not that bad of a price. I only craft the robes about once a month or so. The biggest thing I do to make gold (with cloth) is Netherweave Bags. I still craft about 100 a week and sell them for 10g each (making roughly 6g a piece) I will just set my character up to queue up bolts or bags and go do something else. It is a very easy way to make gold if you do not have alot of time.

I do not currently buy frostweave for de’ing yet. My server is still too high in price.

For all cloth, leather , ore, primal’s, gems I use to craft items to de and resell. I find out the craft /de value. From there I try t o buy the mats at 50% of the value. I Add these items to a snatch list in auctioneer so it alerts me when they are listed for the price I like. This saves a lot of time and combines your normal daily scan with also looking for these items. I usually let the mats pile up until there is a good amount to craft. Enchanting mats list on the AH for free, so it doesn’t matter as much if you have a large amount at one time.

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