I never really actively used alchemy to make money. I just found it more of an annoyance. It may be because its on an alt so I would have to buy herbs, send them etc. However I tried to get back  into using the profession lately.

I have had quite a bit of sucess. I have made posts on how I have been able to make money off crafting pots. But after today, I found out how easy it is to make gold on flasks as well. I use a flask master and craft Frost Wyrm, Endless Rage, and Stoneblood flasks. These sell for almost 20g each.

I list them in stacks of 2 right before common raid times ( I list about 40 a day around 7-7:30). I list these auctions at a 24 hour auction so I can relist them the next day around the same time.  More often than not, I will sell all of the auctions before they expire.

I avoid listing the MP5 Flasks because  on my server they don’t seem to sell as well as the other flasks. Also, I like to save my pygmy oil for the massive amounts of speed pots that I sell.

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