Today I wanted to cover ink trading. This is an easy simple way to make money with Inscription. It doesn’t take knowing the glyphs or even having the profession.

Ink of the sea (which can be purchased for around 2g each on my server) can be crafted or purchased to trade in for any other common ink. I routinely list about 10-20 of each ink (single stacks) and I sell many of them in a 2 day auction period. They sell price on the AH can range from 3g to 10g each. Obviously, I wouldn’t recommend trading in for 3g ones with such a low margin if you have to purchase the Ink of the sea.. But if you can craft the ink yourself, you can make an ink of the sea for around 1g each.

I will normally sell 1 of each ink here and there. Sometimes I do sell 30+ of an ink at a time when the herb market is low and the leveling Inscriptionist is impatient on waiting for more herbs to be available.

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