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This site was developed to share all the gold making tips and tricks I have learned over the years of playing wow. I have made well over 300,000 gold using the ideas on this site.

There are ways to make gold with any type of profession or time commitment, the trick is just finding them. Most guides tell you how to make gold, not the process on discovering ways to make gold.

This blog will discuss information to help you better understand the World of Warcraft economy, how to for make more gold, Leveling guides with net cost in mind, and any other gold making idea I can come up with.

So Browse around, and learn how you can use what’s available to you to start making 100′s of gold a day. Also, don’t forget to sign up to be notified when new information is posted.

We are always looking for new gold making ideas to share. If you have one that you don’t see here, feel free to contact me at webmaster@wowconomics.com. Be sure to include your characters name and server that you want credit from or a first name/last initial.

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