On my server I can routinely make 100 of these every couple days and sell them for 5 g each. Since they are used by many raiding dps. I spend about 2.5 to make each one (with out any procs ). With procs I am spending about 2.25 ish each pot.  (more…)

A common question I receive from emails is “What gems do you cut for profit?”

There are really two answers to this question, each has pros and cons. (more…)

Now with patch 3.3.3 Engineering Pets are not exclusively for Engineers! Great for the avid pet collector and even better for Engineers who want to make gold.

On my server, the following pets commonly sell for 200g + (more…)


If your server is anything like mine, nexus crystals are worth nearly nothing. I can pick them up for under 1 g each on the AH. Whenever I purchase these. I turn them into small prismatic shards via Nexus Transformation. From there I usually turn them into large prismatic shards where I can sell them for between 8-15g depending on the market. (more…)

Have too much Snow Fall ink laying around?

I use mine to make Runescroll of Fortitude. 1 Snowfall Ink and 5 Resilient Parchment makes 5 scrolls. On my server I can sell Runescroll of Fortitude for 3-5g each. This allows me to (after parchment costs) pocket about 15g after ah fees per ink. (more…)

A common question I receive from emails is “What Glyphs do you craft for profit?”

To get a good list on what glyphs are used the most, check out WoW Popular. They give a nice list of the most popular glyphs being used across all servers. Since glyph making can be time consuming, I use the following steps to cut down on the time spent listing these auctions. (more…)

One big ticket enchant I list frequently, is mongoose enchant scrolls.

If you have this enchant, on my server you can purchase the mats on the ah, place it on a scroll and profit about 100g. Since scrolls have no listing fee, you can relist it and not loose money. (more…)

Believe it or not, you can still make some gold off the Darkmoon Faire Card: Greatness.

While grinding out the Insane title Feat of Strength for a second time, I was pleased to see that you can turn in the cards for rep and still be able to sell the card (instead of DE’ing)


I have received a couple emails asking “What character do you play?” or “What server are you from?” Until now I have general kept it quiet. I wanted to give a little introduction with the revamp of the new site.

I am Jesseka from Smolderthorn. I currently have reached the gold cap and have made over 750,000 gold in the last 4 years of playing.

I have power leveled many professions, which have included: Inscription 5 times, Enchanting 3 times, Blacksmithing 4 times, Engineering 3 times, Tailoring 2 times, Alchemy 2 times, Jewelcrafting 4 times, Leather working 2 times. I have also purchased every gold sink in the game for 5 level 80 mains + geared up over 15 alts with craftables and epic gems. I also have grinded out the Insane title twice and working on my third time.

I recently took an extended break from updating this blog to concentrate on another side project website and finally have the time to work on blog posts once again.

I will be in the process of updating leveling guides, if you have any suggestions or are interested in helping rewrite one, please let me know at.

Any guest posts or store ideas are also appreciated, please send me an email at webmaster@wowconomics.com.


Hey everyone. This weekend I will be doing a remodel of the site. Over the weekend you may see things change around a bit while I try to improve the site. I also have many articles ready to publish so sit tight and new content will be coming next week!

If you have any questions you would like answered on here or any tips you would like to share send them to webmaster@wowconomics.com.